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Video scene in the background is a DSJ instant noodle line in Hungary

Automatic hot-air-dried Hakka instant noodles processing  machine

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Da SanJiang Machinery Co., Ltd. provides instant noodle machine, rice noodle machine, starch/rice vermicelli machine and other food machines, delivering turnkey projects and solutions globally including fresh instant noodles making machine in England and dried instant noodles processing machine Hungary.

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Turnkey Projects Built With Machines Of Best Quality Made By DSJ Machinery And Selected Partners

DSJ Machinery instant noodles production lines are compatible to the Japanese fried and non-fried instant noodles machine. The DSJ instant rice vermicelli noodles machine makes Asian starch and rice vermicelli cellophane glass noodles production line, with raw material such as granular rice or starch made from mung bean, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca, etc.

These complete sets of equipment of the instant noodle machines can produce either hot-air-dried or deep fried instant noodles, glass noodles, Sotanghon, or Vietnamese instant rice noodles (bihon or bihun). We also make Italian pasta machine, production line and other food processing equipment.

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Showcase Videos: Instant Noodle Production Line And Rice Vermicelli Noodle Making Machine

For Making Dried, Fried and Fresh Vermicelli Noodle

Deep Frying Instant Noodle Line

- Instant Cup Noodles Making Machines, With Fully Automatic Packaging Line To Pack The Noodle Products

The product fried instant noodles made by this line are ready to serve by being stepped in hot water for 3-5 minutes. DSJ FIN serial automatic fried instant noodles production line's output capacity varies from 60,000 to 330,000 (pcs/shift). Popular models are FIN27W (8 Lanes) and FIN33W (9 Lanes). A complete set of instant noodle machine (8 lanes) made and installed by the DSJ team for Excel Foods Private Limited, India; the noodle manufacturing process features:

Output: 330,000 (cups or packages/shift);
Power capacity 178(kW);
Steam consumption: 3500(kg/hr);
Operators 5 /shift;
Dimension: 125x8x7.2 meters.

Similar projects of noodle factories accomplished by the DSJ team are:
Smart Food & Snacks Pvt. Ltd Nepal, Output: 210,000 (packages/shift);
FMF Snax Limited C/O Flour Mills of Fiji Ltd, Fij Project, Output: 150,000 (pcs/shift); A A Nutrition's, Assam, India, Output: 100,000 (packs/shift).

DSJ Fried Noodle Production Line, FIN Serial Showcase 2

- Bagged Noodle Products, Eight Lanes Automatic Process, CG Foods Project

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Both CG Foods, India and CG Foods, Nepal use DSJ Machinery fried instant noodle lines.

This video is the CG Foods project in Assam, India built by the DSJ team with the output capacity of 270,000 (pcs/shift), a complete set of the instant noodle machine that produces bagged instant noodles by steaming and frying. 

DSJ Small Scale Pre-cooked Fresh Instant Noodle Machine

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-Two similar noodle lines were also provided by DSJ Machinery to an UK company to make frozen fresh instant noodles

Hot-Air-Drying Instant Noodle Line

-  Making Square Shaped Dry Noodle Blocks, Turnkey Plant Our Team Members Built In Europe

Featuring automatic batch operation optional secondary pressure cooking, this is a hot-air-dried instant noodle plant (8 lanes, 600mm pressure roller system), constructed and installed by our team in a EU nation Hungary, Europe. The production line features automatic shape adjustment of noodle blocks in the noodle tray arrays and automatic stacking of noodle tray holders before the stacks are placed in the batch operation secondary noodle steamer chamber. And then the stacks of noodle blocks are conveyed to the noodle dryer. The output capacity of the complete set of instant noodles production line is 300,000 packs or 20 tons of dry noodle blocks per day.

Optional pressure cookers are to improve the elasticity texture of the noodle products. This step takes place after the stacking of noodle tray arrays and before finally, the heated-air-drying unit operation.

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Corrugated Cornstarch Vermicelli Noodle Production Line

- Extruding Process, Cellophane Glass Noodle Machine, Earlier Project In Indonesia

This is a fully automatic corn starch vermicelli instant glass noodle production line (4 Lanes) in Indonesia, designed, built and installed by DSJ Machinery. Its capacity is 4 tons of dry corrugated instant vermicelli noodle blocks per 8 hour shift.

This complete set of vermicelli production line (semiya making process) can make corn vermicelli, potato vermicelli, yam vermicelli, cassava vermicelli, mung bean vermicelli, semiya or rice cellophane glass vermicelli with cornstarch, potato starch, tuber starch, maida (refined wheat flour) or rice flour as raw material. When rice grain is used as raw material we will provide rice processing equipment including the rice soaking tank, the rice miller, and the rotary drum vacuum filter or the filter press.

Flow Sheet of the Corrugated Starch Vermicelli Noodle Manufacturing Process:

Steaming & Mixing (Dough Preparation) → Dough Strip Extruding → Vermicelli Extruding & Corrugated Ripple Forming → Vermicelli Steaming → First Stage Cooling → Vermicelli Block Cutting → Hot-Air Drying → Second Stage Cooling → Packaging → Finished Products

The cellophane vermicelli glass noodles are traditionally made from mung beans starch (▶️ Cornstarch / Mung Bean Starch Vermicelli Glass Noodle Line). Potato, sweet potato, mungbean, maida starch or granular rice can be used to make cellophane noodles and corn/potato glass noodles are increasingly become popular. Alternatively ▶️ the slurry sheet spreading process are used to make corn and potato starch vermicelli noodles.

Latest Project: DSJ Extruding Process Corrugated Cornstarch Vermicelli Production Line, RV Serial

- Potato/Bean/Maida Starch Or Granular Rice Cellophane Glass Noodles, Recent Project In The Philippines

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More DSJ Machinery Showcase Videos 

On The ▶️ DSJ YouTube Channel

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Hot-Air-Dried Instant Noodles Processing Machine: Round-Shaped Noodle Blocks

-  DSJ Machinery Recent Project In China

This is an noodle production line makes up to 20 tons of heated-air dried round-shaped noodle blocks per day! A hot-air-dried instant noodle plant (6 lanes, pressure roller system), the production line features automatic shape adjustment of noodle blocks in the noodle tray arrays before the process of continuous automated heated-air-drying. We provide production lines with output capacity from 160,000 to 330,000 packs or 12 to 20 tons of dry noodle blocks per day. 

There are two types of hot-air-dried instant noodle processing machines. One type of the machines produces fully cooked dry instant noodles that are ready to serve after brewing in hot water for 4-5 minutes; the other type of the machines makes dry noodle blocks that need to be cooked. This project produces easy-to-cook instant noodles that are very popular in the market.

Please watch this above video footage of the DSJ recent project in China.

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Instant Noodle Packaging Machines

DSJ Machinery has been the sole export agent of Fuji FW340mII, TE340mII, and FW341mII serial horizontal wrapper instant noodle packaging machines (Made In China, Formost Fuji Corporation, Japan) since 2011. DSJ Machinery represents more than 10 brand name packaging machines that are suitable for the instant noodle production line and the rice vermicelli production line. Please check out

▶️ The Packaging Machine Play List On DSJ YouTube Channel.

Fuji-TOPAK TE340 (An Upgrade To FW340mII) High Speed Form-Fill Instant Noodle Sealing Machine - Made In China, Formost Fuji Corporation, Japan

DSJ Machinery recommends using this automatic packaging machine alongside with all instant noodle machine assembly, rice vermicelli production line and other noodle production line that make fried, dried and fresh products.

Fuji TE340 is originally FW340mII. From 2022, the PC board control has been replaced by PLC and touch screen control, while the rest of the mechanism remains the same. TE340 is a fundamental part of the instant noodles processing machines assembly. It is capable of speeds up to 300 ppm. It has 13'L lugged chain on 8" centers. Max Package size range: (length) 90 to 350mm (width) up to 140mm (height) up to 60mm.

Fuji-TOPAK FW341mII/MS High Speed Shrinkage Instant Noodle Wrapper Machine, On The Automated Instant Noodle Production Line

DSJ Machinery recommends using this automatic shrinkage wrapping machine alongside with cupped and bowled instant noodles processing machine assembly, cupped instant rice vermicelli production line and other noodle production line that make dried products.

The Fuji-TOPAK FW341mII/MS high speed shrink horizontal form-fill-seal machine is best suited for the professional shrinkage wrapping. With the high speed shrinkage furnace and the adjustable hot blast eddy current system FW341mII/MS provides results that satisfy customers. It has a wrapping speed of 60 packs to 14 packs per minute and cut off length of 150 to 550 mm.

Fuji-TOPAK FW341mII/BS/B High Speed Multi Pack Packaging Form-Fill Instant Noodle Sealing Machine, On The Noodle Production Line

DSJ Machinery recommends using this automatic multi-bag-packaging machine to pack smaller bags into large packages of fried, dried and fresh products produced by the instant noodle machine assembly, and the rice vermicelli production line.

A highly recommended part of the complete set of both the dried and fried instant noodles processing machines assembly, up to 80 packs per minutes, Fuji FW341mII/BS/B Form-Fill-Seal Multi Pack Wrapper Packaging Machine can be used to pack the unwrapped noodle blocks, or to pack multiple bags of noodles into larger packages, suitable for both the dried and fried instant noodle production lines.


Awarded By The Department of Science And Technology, The People's Republic of China In 2021

Da SanJiang (DSJ) Machinery is recognized in the instant noodle machine and instant noodle production line industry as the National-Level Technology-Based Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises 🖼️ (Testimonial Plate) by the Department of Science and Technology, the People's Republic of China in 2021.

DSJ Machinery is an original instant noodle machine manufacturer and exporter from China. We make ramen, rice or starch vermicelli instant noodle production lines and do automatic instant noodle factory turnkey projects. We provide the fried, hot-air-dried or fresh instant noodle machine, starch or rice vermicelli machine, complete sets of processing lines, and parts for maintenance and update projects. We operate globally and we even built two fresh instant noodle lines with the total output capacity of 16 tons per shift in the United Kingdom, the first industrialized nation in the world.